Maisie’s lake is our dedicated Catfish water. Spanning nearly 3 acres it is stocked with a good head of fish. Aside from the Catfish there are some splendid Carp that have been rarely fished for. These run up to at least mid 20.

This old stock pond averages 5-6′ limited swims available. Booking is essential for this popular water, and with Cats up to 70lb, its not hard to see why.

To book please click here.

12 hour ticket for Maisie’s costs £17.50, 24 hours is charged at £30. All session start from either 7am or 7pm.

Catfish Rules

In addition to the rules and regulations stated above, those wishing to fish on Maisie’s Lake must adhere to the following rules:

Fishing on our catfish lake must be booked in advance
2.5lb test curve rods minimum
42 inch landing net minimum
5ft mat size minimum
Barbless hooks only, no micro barbs or crimped barbs
20lb line minimum

No braided mainline

Singles hooks only

No wire traces
Maximum casting weight 3oz

No keep nets or sacks to be used
No live baiting
No lure fishing
No fish to be held above knee level
Fishing on designated areas numbered 1-8 only
Over 18’s only allowed on this lake
No beach caster rigs
2 rods maximum
No fixed leads
No rods to be left unattended at any time
Anglers must leave their swims promptly at the end of their session

A short video from the Catfish Conservation Group: