Wylands Angling Centre Rules & Regulations

In the interest of consideration towards fellow anglers and the conversation of our precious wildlife habitat, all visitors are respectfully asked to observe the following regulations whilst at Wylands. These supersede all other published rules and regulations and should be checked regularly.
By entering the site you are agreeing that you accept these rules and will abide by them at all times.

No fishing without a national fishing licence

Always use unhooking mats
No fish to be removed from or brought onto the centre

No barbed hooks, crimped or microbarbs
No keepnets (except in booked matches)
No fishing in to reeds – this can damage our fish
No fishing the beachcaster method – this can damage our fish
No braid mainline

No fish to be lifted above knee height
No fish to be kept in carp sacks
No noise or running about on the banks
No unattended fishing gear to be left in swims
No rubbish, line etc to be left in the swims when you leave
No cars parked or left; outside of official areas
No speed in excess of 5mph on farm tracks
No swimming
No radios
No bait boats
No open fires
No barbecues without prior permission; and they must be raised above the ground so as not to burn the grass
Tents are only allowed lakeside if they are no bigger than 2 man and are green in colour. All other tents should be located to our campsite
No climbing over farm fences and gates

No trespassing in or around farm buildings
Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
The railway sleepers are designed to protect our lakes. Please avoid standing on them as they may cause staining on warm days
Tickets are non-refundable – for a full list of prices please see our tariffs page
No plastic corn or leadcore

On entering the site at Wylands, whether using the facilities or not, you agree that Wylands can use written, drawn, photographed or any other forms of recording material for the purposes of PR and marketing without the express permission of the owner whomever it is captured by.

Bait Bans:Tiger Nuts and Peanuts

Catfish Rules
In addition to the rules and regulations stated above, those wishing to fish on Maisies Lake must adhere to the following rules:

Fishing on our catfish lake must be booked in advance
2.5lb test curve rods minimum
42 inch landing net minimum
5ft mat size minimum
Barbless hooks only, no micro barbs or crimped barbs
20lb line minimum

No braided mainline

Singles hooks only

No wire traces
Maximum casting weight 3oz

No keep nets or sacks to be used
No live baiting
No lure fishing
No fish to be held above knee level
Fishing on designated areas numbered 1-8 only
Over 18’s only allowed on this lake
No beach caster rigs
2 rods maximum
No fixed leads
No rods to be left unattended at any time
Anglers must leave their swims promptly at the end of their session